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Safety Wireless Sound Music Headphone in Ear Warm Hearing Protection with Bluetooth BE002

Smart Bluetooth Earmuff Headphone,The Hi-Tech Bluetooth Earmuff that allows you to listen to music wireless while protecting from cold and keep you looks fashion.


Smart Bluetooth Earmuff Headphone,The Hi-Tech Bluetooth Earmuff that allows you to listen to music wireless while protecting from cold and keep you looks fashion. 

Built in microphone to let you speak with your callings. 

Perfect for every sport, from skiing to running.


Beat the cold and listen to your music in style

Neither rain, sleet, nor snow should keep you from enjoying your favorite tunes. So even when the weather cranks up the volume and the wind picks up the tempo, you can still listen in style with these chic Bluetooth earmuffs from Ivation.

Available in Two Stylish Designs

Choose an earmuff that suits your tastes in music. Go for the furry, leather-look style, or don our sleeker headband-style edition. Either way, you'll keep your ears warm and primed for music listenin'.

Packs Thin, Lightweight Headphones

Hidden inside the ear pods, the two quality headphone drivers deliver your music in true stereo. The design also ensures that you can listen privately, without worrying about too much audible bleed.

Features Reliable Bluetooth Connectivity

Forget wires that tangle and look stupid. Pairing with your smartphone, mp3 player or other music source is easy, and with Bluetooth memory, your earmuffs automatically connect to previous devices.

Integrates Music & Phone Controls

Gloved hands? No problem. The controls are located right on the ear pod for easy access. You can pause or resume music playback, skip between songs, change volume, and even answer incoming calls.

Charges with Included USB Cable

To charge, connect the included charging cable to the micro USB port and to a computer or (with optional adapter) to a wall outlet. The red LED remains lit while charging, and shuts when charging is done.

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Connection to mobile phones  through Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth Version: 4.1+EDR(SIG member,QDID available)

Frequency: 2.402 GHz ~ 2.480GHz

Transmission distance: 10m (33ft)

Speaker driver: 32 ohm/10mw

Frequency response: 180-200KHZ

Battery: Li-polymer 4.2V/100mAh

Battery lasts up to: standby 6 days - conversation 15  hours

Play time: 4 hours+

Sizes: universal

Colors: black, Grey,pink, red. etc.

Composition: 40% Acrylic, 60% polyester

Pack includes:

Bluetooth audio Earmuff

Charging cable micro USB to USB

User manual

If you are interested in our safety wireless sound music headphone in ear warm hearing protection with bluetooth be002, contact our factory for information now. We are one of the leading suppliers in China. Welcome to enjoy our comprehensive one-stop service as well as customized service.

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