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Wired And Wireless Are All Outstanding Sound Color Headphones
Nov 09, 2017

The rise of wireless headphones in fact is the matter in recent years, but the momentum of development is very rapid, and wireless transmission technology has made a series of gratifying breakthroughs, the emergence of this new product provides consumers with more choices .

In order to allow users to better friends to choose their own headsets, but also to allow friends to be able to save more time to buy their own, we specifically at the e-commerce office has several high-quality wired and wireless headset products, Hope you like it!

Winnershine HB701

Recommended reason: Equipped with multi-function remote control sound quality excellent

For people: want to take into account the music and call users

Triangle ATH-AX1iS headphones using bold bold colors, vibrant design is ideal for young people's aesthetic taste. Headphones with a full closed iron earmuffs design, excellent sound insulation. Large enveloping ear cushions for long wear, leather earmuffs strong and light and soft. Earmuffs can be folded flat, user-friendly storage.

bluetooth headphones.jpg

Audio-Technica ATH-AX1iS headphones with 36mm drive unit to reproduce the best sound, deep bass dive, sense of foot enough, good elasticity, vigorous and powerful drums, not stuffy not bosom, is to discuss ears like it. The headset is also equipped with a microphone and built-in multi-function remote control that can match most of the smart phones, easy to make calls and music control requirements.

Winnershine HB702/HB702A

Recommended reason: Beautiful color designed for sports sweat

The main sports concept, to provide blue, orange, red, green four-color choice, bright color, the appearance of compact and lively, the surface details of the process in place, feel comfortable. This headset uses a wireless design, well protected from the trouble of wire winding, allowing users to focus more on music and sports.

wireless earbuds.jpg

The overall sound tri-band balanced, dynamic and dynamic, to meet the needs of users in the movement while listening to popular music, is a good quality, stylish design of wireless Bluetooth headset products.


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