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Winnershine first True Wireless Sports Headphones - HB702
Nov 07, 2017

For those who love sports, every object in the body must be light and convenient, convenient and practical, and does not bring a trace of movement itself. For those who love music, every melody in the ear must be clear, clean and loud And not be affected by the external environment.

Love sports people for the music is a need state. Sports headphones market, for the moment into a cycle: for a good sound quality, can not get rid of the shackles of lines; get rid of the shackles of the line, the lack of a wonderful melody (of course, there is no movement but also for safety and sound only "sound "Do not speak sound-quality bone conduction sports headphones). Next, I introduce a true wireless sports headphones - Winnershine HB702

bluetooth earphones.jpg

Company Profile

Winnershine takes blue as the main color, takes "make it different" as business philosophy, emphasizes on scientific research, innovation and humanistic application, wins the market 

recognition with continuous high quality, and devotes itself to the research and development 

and production of wireless transmission products.

Since its founding, Winnershine has gradually formed a product structure featuring Bluetooth 

headsets and other Bluetooth devices. The products cover Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth modules, Bluetooth headsets, wearable devices and other electronic products. 

The HB702A is The first headset, the main true wireless stereo headphones.

First impression

wireless earbuds.jpg

Charging cable is the most unique among the earphones I have ever seen, one for two, I received the orange models, a pair of Bluetooth headphones, 3 pairs of ear caps (including headphones), a manual. Each is more sophisticated.

Winnershine HB702 design at a glance, multi-function keys, lights, magnetic charging contacts, MIC, ear hooks, soft plugs and so on. In-ear design is similar to most Bluetooth sports headsets, but the biggest difference is the left and right channel wireless connection.

           TWS from Winnershine.jpg

Ear-hanging headphones are basically single-handedly available on the market today, while the Winnershine HB702 is "dual-in-right," and the earbuds are "comma" styling for standard professional in-ear earphones, making the ear more comfortable and stable. Left and right headphones, in addition to the differences in symmetrical structure, the rest of the configuration (including buttons, contacts, ear hooks, lights, etc.) are the same.

Wireless earbuds from Winnershine.jpg

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