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Is The Phone Power Off? Use Your Wallet!
Jul 25, 2017

    For a wallet, a user to buy the most care about is whether the appearance of fashion, the quality is excellent, and the most important is how much money can be and how many cards. As we know, we carry our wallets when we go out, of course, you might say the rapid development of online payment will become a trend in the future, but you still need something to carry some cash, ID card, credit card and so on. In daily life, one of the most frequent problems is that the phone is power off, but the charger isn't around. If there is a wireless charging wallet, can replace traditional wallet in your hand?


    Wireless charging wallet, as its name suggests, the wallet is a battery pack for your phone—but it’s no bulky charger, it’s no thicker than a standard billfold wallet. It measures in at 214mm (height) x 108mm (width) x 25mm, built-in 5000mAh battery,charge any Qi-enabled device or device equipped with a Qi-compatible cover/receiver(No cables or USB interface required) by putting device on surface or in the inside pocket while you are in house or on the going. Hidden Tech Charger - detachable snap in power bank compatible with iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 7s, Android, Galaxy, and other smart phone products.

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    At present,wireless charging wallet is an innovative product with a small market competition and the industry scale has not yet formed, so the wireless charging wallet is blessed with an enormous potential for development.

    Why do you choose Winnershine? First, in aspect of wireless charging wallet, Winnershine is the industry pioneer. Then, from ID, structure to PCBA, Winnershine can provide one-stop service for you. Third, there are abundant supplier resources in Winnershine. Finally, Winnershine has sales, engineer and other staffs who are experienced.

    Let’s look at the reason why you’ll likely consider the Winnershine’s product-Wireless charging wallet. First, the wireless charging wallet has utility model patent. Then, it’s an elegant and fashionable wallet with a built in 5000mah power bank and provides one full charge for most phones.Third, made with the finest quality vegan canvas in a functional wallet for credit cards, cash, coins and so on.Fourth, removing messy wires from your lives, with seamless integration of wireless charging capabilities. Finally, a completely wireless charging wallet, simultaneously charge your phone and wallet wirelessly.


  Charge your phone inside your wallet anywhere you are! From work, to the gym, to a night out with friends, you will never have to worry about your tech battery life again!

   If you are interested in the wireless charging wallet and want to know more information,you can visit Winnershine website www.winnershine.com.

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