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Charging Wallets Powerbank From Winnershine
Jul 21, 2017

Winnershine Charging wallets powerbank 

When it talks to powerbank,do you really know what is powerbank?

Powerbank is also called mobile power supply,it's means can supply power or charge on digital product are not limited in a moving state,such as travel,meetings,charger not around,it's can give you a truly steadfast sense that can improve your life quality and work,it's more and more closely related to our daily life.

But does you always like me?often to forget bring it that leads to mobile phone always in a shutdown state.

headset with powerbank together.jpg

Yes,before Winnershine's charging wallet comes out, we always have the same feeling, and we are never thought it will combined with wallets together,wallet in our mind is just used in put some money,cards,kyes or mobile phone,like below pic shows,when we go out,usually won't put a powerbank inside,except make business,it's too heavy to bring when go out.


Now,Winnnershine developed the charging wallets are solve this problems and also bring technology innovation.I am very crazy about it, it's have charging function that it very convenient in our dairy life, for most us won't bring powerbank everytime,but always bring the wallet,now,it has wired and wireless two different kinds. 

For wired charging wallet, Winnershine can do different fashional design that built in 4000mAh polymer battery that can charge any devices with 5V/1.5A AC adaptor,charge time is approx 4 hours,and also provides 1 full charge for most phones that can charged by the hiden USB port on the wallet. and winneshine can do different styles that can meet customized requirements.here attached some styles as below for your ref,pls kindly check.

Mode1 l: normal wallet with built in cable inside

wired charging wallet.jpg

 wired charging wallet.jpg


Model:Wallet with cable outside

IMG_8405 1.jpg

Model 3:family bags

wied charging wallet.png

No matter what's kinds of design you want,the most important thing is built in overchager and overheat protection PCBA design to make sure it's enough safe and low temperature.

For more information,pls kindly visit Winnershine website www.winnershine.com.

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