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Why your bluetooth headset can't paired your mobile phone?
Nov 10, 2017

Wireless is a major trend in the development of headphones,Bluetooth headset penetration rate higher and higher.Although Bluetooth headset and mobile phone pairing is increasingly simplified,But there are also many novice partners will encounter the problem of matching connections.

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Bluetooth headset paired mobile phone? Pay attention to the following four situations:

The first one: the headset has not entered the automatic matching state?

Most Bluetooth headsets, red and blue flashing rapidly alternating, said to enter the automatic matching state. There are also a small part of the headset, is the purple light, white light ... into the pairing state.

The second: with the surrounding cell phone pairing has not been canceled?

Not bad, do not worry, first think you have not used the Bluetooth headset with the surrounding (10M range) other mobile phone pairing, after use did not cancel the match.

Bluetooth headset boot, are automatically paired with the last record back, if you connect with the second mobile phone peripherals did not cancel the connection, of course, with the original cell phone even Rom.

The third: Bluetooth headset has no electricity?

Bluetooth headset is power-hungry, long time useless, or boot has not been shut down, the power is depleted. Bluetooth headset no electricity, usually you press any button headphones are no response.

When you connect the charging cable, the Bluetooth headset light is red, indicating that it is charging.

Fourth: Bluetooth headset is not compatible?

Bluetooth version is increasing, the mainstream Bluetooth headset is rarely present with the phone is not compatible with the situation. Incompatible, there is a bluetooth earphone model on the mobile phone interface, but it can not even connect or can not directly display the bluetooth earphone model. When buying, pay attention to the brand and purchase channel. (There is also a very small probability is the phone problem, here recommended to restart the phone, re-pair)

When the Bluetooth headset can not connect the phone,

First self-check, is not the above situation.

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