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Why we need patents?
Nov 10, 2017

Patents: Patents allow companies to occupy a favorable position in the fierce market competition, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, and good patents are enough to keep them in an invincible position in the market. Specifically, patents can bring us the following benefits:

1) Confirm the ownership of invention and creation through statutory procedures so as to effectively protect the fruits of invention and creation and monopolize the market in exchange for the maximum benefit;

2) In order to gain the initiative in the market competition, to ensure the safety of their own production and sales;

3) The state has some policies to support the registration of patents, and will give partial policy and economic assistance.

4) The patent right is protected by the national patent law, which can not be used by any unit or individual without the permission of the patentee.

5) Own inventions and inventions shall be timely applied for patents so that their inventions and inventions will be protected by the laws of the country and prevent others from imitating the new technologies and products developed by this enterprise.

6) Own inventions and innovations If you do not apply for a patent in time, others will file a patent application for your work results, which in turn will tell you to infringe the patent rights to the court or the patent administration organ.

7) Can promote the upgrading of products, but also improve the technical content of products, and improve product quality, reduce costs, so that the products of enterprises in the market competition in an invincible position.

8) If an enterprise has multiple patents is the embodiment of the powerful business, is an intangible asset and intangible publicity.

9) Patented technology can be sold as a commodity (transfer), so as to achieve its economic value.

10) patent propaganda effect is good

11) Avoid the awkwardness of removing the exhibits at the exhibition.

In addition to having the above functions, the patent holds a certain number of patents as an important indicator in the listing of enterprises and other appraisals, such as the qualification examination of high-tech enterprises, the acceptance and review of scientific and technological projects, etc. The patent also has the marketability of scientific research achievements Bridge effect. In short, patents can be used as shields to protect their technology and products; it can also be used as a spear to combat rival infringement. Take full advantage of the various functions of the patent, the production and operation of enterprises has a great role in promoting.

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