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Why Should We Be the Positive Side
Nov 14, 2017

There is a saying that if you are good in quality, you will attract someone. Indeed, it’s true. But some of the foreign traders stubbornly think that if they can manufacture products good enough and do great in platform and websites marketing, they can wait for the orders. Nowadays, most of the businesses rely on platforms. However, such a method can’t help foreign traders find better customer resources.

1.To seek superior customers, foreign traders should be positve

Generally, high-class customers won’t lack choices of suppliers. They receive thousands of emails, messages and telephones from the suppliers everyday. They don’t have ample time to select suppliers on the platform unless your enterprise is as powerful as Media and Philips. As for them, they have their own suppliers list and they even have candidates list for mothball suppliers. To operate brand businesses, it’s impossible for them to be unprepared. Knowing this, I bet you will know why the foreign traders need to be more positive. They are waiting for the moment.


2.To be positive, foreign traders can approach and get to know the customers

Rome wasn’t built in a day. A relationship isn’t formed so easily because we need to know and get familiar with each other. Therefore, foreign traders need to develop customers positively. Through the whole process including seeking customers, analyzing customers, selecting customers and communicatin with customers, as we contact more and more customers, we will naturally know how to better analyze and distinguish high-class customers and know their purchasing habits. That’s to say, foreign traders will have a criterion to follow up other local markets. I believe that you won’t get answers if you ask those foreign traders what their target customers and the markets’ habits and characteristics.

3.Be positive when communicating with customers, it’ll be more likely for us to impress our customers

Compared to foreign traders who randomly send thousands of enquiries to customers, it’s more impressing for them to be positve and appear in customers’ eyes. Some traders may be considered as annoying and the customers will ask them not to contact them frequently. They will contact us when in need. But when customers complain to you, we have successfully raise their concerns. When they are in need, they will naturally think of you. And then the advantages of differences of businesses are prominent. If you can pitch in with your products, it will be easy for you to come to an agreement.

4.It’s our shortcut to be positive for our abitilities will be improved

If a salesperson can grow up depends on platforms, products, leaders and environment. If the salesperson just issues products and sit there waiting for enquiries, then their work is not different from other civil services. If things go on this way, their fighting will and volition will be effaced. And they will confront the bottleneck.

Only if salespersons keep exercising themselves, keep practicing, keep getting rejected, keep concluding, can they accumulate experiences to grow up.

In this new era, we should have new actions. Stop waiting for windfalls and be positive to contact customers. I believe you will get experiences and things that you’ve never had before and gain your customers’ trust.

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