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Why powerbank can't charge bluetooth headset?
Nov 14, 2017

In diary life, perhaps many people will have such a doubt, Winnershine Bluetooth Headset HB702 charging headset is 5V1A, and the home's powerbank output is 5V1A, why can not be charged to the headset?

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Because the general powerbank is with current protection, the principle is that as it charges the mobile phone, the phone is getting higher and higher, and the charging current will be smaller and smaller, when the current is small to a certain extent, It will default the phone battery is full, disconnect the charge.

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The Bluetooth headset battery capacity in our province is smaller, the general charge of the current is smaller, lower than the current protection of mobile movies, so it will think that the headset is full, it will not re-enter the charging state.

It is worth to say that if your mobile power can not charge the headset, but also that you bought a better accessory, because it is with current protection.

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