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The four most common misconceptions about Bluetooth headsets
Nov 25, 2017

As the largest proportion of the current mass consumer earphones, Bluetooth earphones have N product models entering each year, but in the end it is too small to survive.

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1, Bluetooth headset sound quality than wired headphones

This is a lot of people in the evaluation of Bluetooth headset was found to be the most sprayed, Bluetooth headset to sell expensive, the best sound is not as good as wired headphones, why, because HIFI headset is wired, Bluetooth headset is wireless.

In fact, it does not know that Sony has long introduced LDAC audio coding technology, the transmission rate has reached a non-destructive level; but slightly less than the LADC technology Aptx is the most widely used transmission standard, although not up to CD standards, but this is not because of capacity problems, but the market demand problems, some new Apte-HD almost reached the standard of 96K / 24B , But the current user does not demand so high, its market returns will not show up.

Therefore, the quality of Bluetooth headset is not as good as wired headphones, but the market is not driven enough interest, how many Bluetooth headset users have seen you Tucao poor sound quality?

2, the quality of Bluetooth headset Bluetooth headset is reflected high-end standards

As mentioned above, do you really see Bluetooth headset users Tucao its headset sound quality?

In fact, many Bluetooth headset sound quality difference is not large, the so-called sound quality Tucao is also a personal subjective ideology, get the machine up to measure a measured under the same parameters, thousands of Bluetooth headset sound quality and hundreds of Bluetooth headset sound quality Test results in the sound quality is not bad, then whether the high-end Bluetooth headset where the standard?

Material workmanship, body design, wear experience, life, Bluetooth signals and brand belief is the addition.

3, Bluetooth noise reduction headphones must be better than the Bluetooth headset

There are two wrong opinions here. The first one is better than the other one. In fact, it is a comprehensive comparison. If not, can you tell me what you are saying? Second, I will make an analogy Say, B & O BEOPLAY H9 Bluetooth noise reduction headphones must be better than the B & O BEOPLAY H9 Bluetooth headphones without noise reduction?

In fact, what I am trying to say is that people often regard noise reduction as a very simple technique. However, in fact, making noise reduction really requires an engineer's rich experience, not just a piece of equipment Noise chip, take the key filter, if the engineer did not go to the design to feel, even if you give him the spacecraft parts can also give you a whole bunch of slag iron out.

So do not see the Bluetooth headset with noise reduction, feel good, in fact, even if the plane, ordinary headphones have a passive noise reduction effect is enough, of course, if you are in order to enjoy the sound quality, then the other Explain.

4, Bluetooth headset signal affects the sound quality

The above is the Bluetooth version of the update status, the current prevalence is Bluetooth 4.0, of course, there are some 4.1 and 4.2, but the user does not perceive its change.

A lot of white and then use the Bluetooth headset when listening sometimes feel the Bluetooth connection is unstable, mistakenly think that the headset sound quality is poor, his logic is the Bluetooth signal affects the sound quality.

In fact, this is wrong, Bluetooth instability is affecting your listening experience, rather than the sound quality headphones, then you want to change the headset (unless the headset itself is defective), but try to change the phone, listen to songs Scene (including distance). The former is the signal source, the latter is the signal transmission path, they are actively affected, while the Bluetooth headset is only passive.

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