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How to Choose Bluetooth Module
Nov 07, 2017

As a short-range communication technology, Bluetooth has been widely used in various  mobile terminals, such as IOT, health care, smart home and other industries. Due to integrated Bluetooth protocol stack, radio frequency and antenna, Bluetooth module not only can  greatly simplify the product design manufacturers to save R & D  costs, but also speed up new product time to market and increase market  share of manufacturers.Bluetooth module is popular in the majority of equipment manufacturers. However, at present, there  are many kinds of Bluetooth modules, different functions and different  prices. How to choose a suitable Bluetooth module has become a problem  that the major manufacturers pay more and more attention to. Following six aspects about the Bluetooth module selection:

1. The version: Bluetooth can be divided into classical Bluetooth module (v1.1 / 1.2 / 2.0 / 2.1 / 3.0), low power Bluetooth  module (v4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2), and Bluetooth dual mode module.

2. The function: Bluetooth can be divided into data module, audio module and data + audio module.The classic Bluetooth module data applications has been slowly down the stage of  history, there are more low-power Bluetooth or Bluetooth dual-mode alternative. Due  to power consumption advantages, low-power Bluetooth module currently  occupies the majority of mobile data transmission share, and the scale  and share are expected to continue to grow.

3. The industry: There are Bluetooth speakers, automotive electronics, mobile  Internet, health care, IOT, smart home and so on.

4. The chip brand: There are CSR, TI, Broadcom, ISSC, Nordic, RDA and so on.

5. The module manufacturers: The classic Bluetooth module sub-speakers and  automotive electronics, the traditional speaker industry currently SMIC,  Bo Peng hair larger manufacturers, automotive electronics are Hui John,  Harvest, Wenqiang and other established vendors , 4.0 Bluetooth module to the letter Chi up, Biode these two do earlier. Dual-mode Bluetooth module is currently a major Czech, fly ETS, Tengda and so easy.

6. The Bluetooth applications: Most of the applications on the market are  basically universal functions. In addition to this part, the Bluetooth  module also supports MFI, airsync, Bluetooth networking (Bluetooth  one-to-many) TWS (Bluetooth left and right channel  separation), ANCS (Apple Message Center), these features may need to  find the relevant module manufacturers or Bluetooth program companies to  customize.

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Translated and trimed from freasycom2016's post.

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