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How to buy a suitable bluetooth headphones?
Nov 16, 2017

Pay attention to the annotation of product performance index

When purchasing headsets, headsets or performance indicators on the manual should pay attention to, because poor quality headphones are often produced by some small factories, some of its performance indicators are random annotation, and some are exaggerated. Headsets generally have to reach the lowest frequency range of 20 ~ 20kHz, greater than 100mW power, less than or equal to 0.5% of the harmonic distortion. If you do not meet the above requirements, you'd better not buy. If the instructions on the performance of the product is too high, it is best not to buy.

The quality of product workmanship

The more authentic headsets made by big manufacturers are usually made of engineering plastics, so the appearance is very smooth, and there is a certain degree of stress and toughness; it has no blunted sense of workmanship and is also finer and feels good, and does not use the rough plastic sense. Also, the headset lead wire diameter is relatively coarse, you can ensure the transmission is stable, the line touch soft and stiff hair; plugs are very neat, will not leave burrs, smooth and uniform coating. If you do not match the above conditions is best not to buy.

Expensive is not necessarily for you

Many users think that as long as you buy a more expensive headphones will be able to get better sound quality, in fact, some high impedance headphones, high impedance headphones can control the sound better, but this requires more output Power support, and the MP3 player itself, the output power is limited, it is impossible to drive high-impedance headphones well. MP3 players currently on the market, the more common is the output power of about 5mW +5 mW, in this output power is best to use the following headphones 50 ohm impedance. Therefore, it is best to look at the technical parameters of the headset and MP3 player before the upgrade, or else not find a match after buying it will have a great trouble Luo.

Bluetooth headset quality of the call

Because the call quality is a basic parameter to measure the quality of a Bluetooth headset, in general, the Bluetooth headset with a rod design is better than other types of products because its microphone is closer to the mouth.

Standby time

Because this is the same as the daily use of mobile phones, headphones longer standby time, you can avoid the trouble of frequent charging, which is a measure of the performance of Bluetooth headset standards.

Wear comfort

People's ears are more delicate, if the earphone earloop material is not good, or there are some flaws in the design, then wearing a long time, it will have a discomfort feeling. Therefore, before buying should be carefully checked, choose the ear shape for your Bluetooth headset.


Buy Bluetooth headset, mainly for what to buy it? It depends on your own mainly use it to do?

1. For language learning. Just use the headset at a lower price on the line to ear muffs with volume adjustment as well.

2. For listening to news. Ordinary electromagnetic headphones can be.

3.For listening to music. General enjoyment of music, just buy mid-range machines, such as auscultation or headdress-style dynamic headphones. If you want to enjoy high-quality music, you should not care about the price, buy high-fidelity headphones, such as high-quality moving coil, flat film or condenser headphones. Which cost-effective BRD headphones for the first choice.

4 easy to use. Wireless Bluetooth headset without connection, the use of extremely convenient, in addition to headphones with radio capabilities, allowing you to listen to any language and music programs at any time.

5. channel. Mono and two-channel amplifier equipment to be equipped with single, two-channel headphones.

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