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The Features and Schematics of the Wireless Charging Solution
Nov 06, 2017

The Features and Schematics of the Wireless Charging Solution

The development of wireless charging technology has been deeply researched and applied in the field of electronics so far. Although it has not been widely popularized yet, but the development in the field of consumer electronics has achieved good results. The manufacturer of mobile phone have also joined this innovative advanced charging technology in their flagship aircraft, such as Samsung S6, Sony Xperia Z3 +, Google Nexus 6, Nokia Lumia 930 and other mobile phones are equipped with wireless charging technology. Here, we would like to share with you about the common wireless charging solutions.

First, the wireless charging Union (WPC): electromagnetic induction, established in December 2008.

Currently, there are more than 172 member which are promotion by the QI  Standards: Texas Instruments, Philips, Freescale, Toshiba, Mircosoft, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Qualcomm an ect.

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) use the electromagnetic induction for developing the wireless charging standard Qi. The defects for this technology is that the maximum output power is only 5W so the charging speed will be limited.

From the capacity of the market, the Qi is the most popular current. It is report that the latest standard is that the wireless charging distance is 7 to 45 millimeters.

The advantages and disadvantages of the electromagnetic induction technology used in QI:

Advantages: The principle is simple, easy to make

Disadvantages: the transmission distance is severely limited

Examples are as follows:

1, Texas Instruments (TI): the first mass production of wireless charging solutions company

First: Texas Instruments, one of the major members of WPC, has introduced the industry's first wireless power transfer control chipset. The chip contains a bq500110 single-channel transmit control chip, a bq51013 single-channel receiver control chip. TI is the first mass production of wireless charging solutions company.

Qi Wireless Charging solution.JPG

The second:

1,15 V input transmitter:

(1) Functional Description:

The second generation of digital wireless power control transmitter

For portable devices such as cell phones and other charging

Input 5V DC, output 10V AC

Look for WPC compatible devices to be powered

Receive data from the powered devices and manage power delivery

(2) Important Features:

Dynamic Power Limit (DPL)

Complies with 5-W operation for Wireless Power Alliance (WPC) Type A5 and Type A11 transmitter specifications

Digital demodulation reduces the components

Comprehensive charge status mode and fault indication

(3) Functional Diagram:


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