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Coping Strategies About Shipment Date
Nov 15, 2017

The end of the year is approaching. It’s the peak period for us foreign traders to get more orders. However, as the environment protection inspection is growing stronger and stronger, I believe most of the enterprises are delighted with worry. They are eager for more orders but they also worry that they can’t guarantee the date of delivery. To avoid being closed down, many small plants would rather stop the production which cause the scarce of raw materials. The price is rising quickly and the date of shipment is postponed again and again. For our foreign traders, the greater challenge is how to cope with customers’ requirements for prompt delivery.

Facing with customers’ discontentment, I think that first, we certainly shouldn’t escape from them. Even if customers are excited, we can’t be affected by them and we should chill out and analyze the reasons, such as why the date of shipment would be postponed. That’s because although we have speeded up your order, many plants which provide raw materials stop the production due to the strengthened environment protection inspection. The shortage of raw materials is severe. Even though we are urging our suppliers everyday and our manager even purchase materials using cash, we still can’t guarantee the date of shipment. It is caused by the change of the entire environment. We are not the party to blame. So we should try to gain understandings from customers. It’s a sound cooperation relationship which needs the support of both the two parties. We will provide our best price and quality. And under such special circumstances, we also hope that they can understand and support us to ensure the long-term cooperation relationship.

After we have explained the reasons to our customers, generally they will understand us. After all, customers won’t cooperate with only one supplier in China and they must be clear of the situation. However, not every customer is that easy to communicate with or cooperate with. Facing with this, we need to understand our customers more and think in customers’ eyes. For example, some enterprises really need this batch of goods to catch up with the peak season or their capital operations will go wrong and then the crisis will arise. We can’t imagine how terrible it will be so that we should try our utmost to understand them.

For customers in the second situation, we also need to comfort them and let them feel that we pay much attention to them. And we are really doing our best to share the difficulties of theirs. How to do that? For example, we can tell the customer that to reduce the impacts of the delayed date of shipment, our manager work in person. He contacted the plant at the morning about the production and the raw materials. We do our utmost to provide our customers with high-quality services. After reflecting the situations to our manager, our manager will follow up the supply of materials in person. And we are trying our best to fight for the earliest date of shipment for you. It will be a small comfort for customers. At least, we try to help them. Meanwhile, we can report the concrete situation to our manager to see if the date of shipment can be advanced.

Every coin has two sides. If we can make good use of customers’ complaints, we may gain the next order. For example, after we settle the issue of date of shipment, we have learnt that we’d better suggest our customers place next order as soon as possible. According to the current situation, apart from the date of shipment, the price will keep rising. 

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