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Bluetooth Technical Characteristics
Nov 09, 2017


Bluetooth technology, an open standard for wireless data and voice communications, is based on a low-cost, near-distance wireless connection that establishes a special connection between fixed and mobile communications environment. By introducing Bluetooth technology into mobile phones and portable computers, it is possible to establish an in-wireless communication by removing annoying connection cables between the mobile phone and the portable computer.Printers,PDAs,desktops, fax machines, keyboards, game consoles and all other digital devices can become part of the"Bluetooth" technology system. In addition,Bluetooth wireless technology provides a common interface to existing digital networks and peripherals to create a privately connected device cluster that is far from the fixed network.

Bluetooth technology In the global 2.4GHz ISM (industrial,scientific,medical)band,the data rate is 1Mb/s.In theory,the technology operating in the 2.45GHz ISM band enables devices within 30m of each other to be connected to each other at rates up to 2Mbps, but it is actually hard to achieve.The concept of "link and play" using Bluetooth technology is somewhat similar to the concept of "plug and play". Once any Bluetooth technology device searches for another Bluetooth technology device, it can establish contact immediately without any settings from the user and can be interpreted as "Just use it."This is even more obvious when the radio environment is very noisy.

Another big advantage of Bluetooth is that it applies a globally consistent set of frequencies, which eliminates the barrier of "borders",the barrier has been bothering users for many years in the cellular mobile space.

In addition, the ISM band is a band that is open to all radio systems, so using either of these bands can encounter unpredictable sources of interference.Such as some home appliances, cordless phones, car door openers, microwave ovens, etc., they may be disturbing.So Bluetooth technology specifically designed a fast acknowledgment and frequency hopping scheme to ensure the link is stable.Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum is the frequency band is divided into a number of hop channel, in a connection, the radio transceiver according to a certain code sequence continuously from one channel to another channel, only the sender and the receiver are in accordance with this law to communicate , While other disturbances can not interfere with the same pattern.The instantaneous frequency hopping bandwidth is very narrow.However,by means of spread spectrum techniques to bandwidth the narrow or multiplying it to a wide frequency band, the possible effects of interference are minimized. Compared with other systems working in the same frequency band, Bluetooth FH is faster, shorter data packets, which makes Bluetooth technology more stable than other systems.

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