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Bluetooth Structural System
Nov 10, 2017

About Bluetooth, It consists of three parts: the underlying hardware modules, middle layer and high-end application layer.

1. The Underlying Bluetooth Module

The underlying module is the core module of Bluetooth technology. All embedded Bluetooth devices must include the underlying module. It is mainly composed of Link Manager Protocol , Base Band and Radio Frequency.

2. The Middle Layer

The middle  protocol layer is composed of a Logical Link Control and Adaptation  Protocol(L2CAP), a Service Discovery Protocol(SDP), a Serial Emulation  Protocol and RFCOM,Telephony Control protocol Specification(TCS).

3. High-end application layer

High-end application layer is located in the upper part of the Bluetooth protocol stack. A  complete Bluetooth protocol stack can be divided into four layers  according to its functions: core protocol layers (BB, LMP, LCAP, SDP),  cable replacement protocol layer (RFCOMM), telephone control protocol layer Layers(TCS-BIN)and optional protocol layer (PPP, TCP, TP, UDP, OBEX, IrMC, WAP, WAE). The high-end application layer is composed of the optional protocol layer.

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