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The way to use bluetooth headsets
Nov 13, 2017

Many friends bought a Bluetooth headset, but the correct use of the Bluetooth headset is a bit fuzzy, in fact, the correct use of Bluetooth headset can not only make the Bluetooth headset to maximize performance, but also allows us to use Bluetooth headset longer, So how can we use Bluetooth headset correctly? Here I will tell you about the correct use of Bluetooth headset.

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The general use of the correct Bluetooth headset includes two aspects: First, the use of Bluetooth headset itself, the other is the Bluetooth headset and cell phone pairing method.

Here's a brief introduction to everyone:

Bluetooth headset pairing method

1. When we get just bought Bluetooth headset, the first is to look at the Bluetooth headset has no electricity, if any, run out of electricity. And then is to charge the headset, the general best time for 2-4 hours, then re-use then charge 2 hours on it. It is best not to exceed 4 hours, the longer the charge of lithium battery Bluetooth headset greater damage.

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2. In the phone's menu function to find the Bluetooth settings options, select "open" button. This opens the Bluetooth function of the phone.

3. Open the Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset in the closed state, press and hold the headset's function key MFB5 seconds or so, until the Bluetooth headset indicator light, attention here is bright, the Bluetooth headset is turned on, this time the headset is on Can be found in the state.

4 in the phone to find the Bluetooth option, search, if the search click to confirm.

5. Bluetooth headset lights flashing fast state, it means the pairing is successful. If you do not pair successfully restart the Bluetooth headset and then paired it.

6. According to the name of the Bluetooth headset paired successfully, the phone and Bluetooth headset connected, there will be a general tone. Turn off the Bluetooth headset when there will be a beep.

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Bluetooth headset itself use

1. Dialing function: As long as the short press the function key MFB button on it, if your phone has a call log or address book inside the name, say you want to call the phone's name on it.

2. If you are calling the last call number, long press the function button can be replayed.

3. answer the call, this and the dialing function the same short press the function key on it.

4. To end the call, press the MFB button once.

This is the correct use of Bluetooth headset, Are you learned?


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