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Bluetooth Speakers For Iphone

Bluetooth Speakers For Iphone

bluetooth speakers for iphone

ADORABLY MINI & PORTABLE: Anyone want to carry a Jukebox? Not us! With the Aud Mini speaker it is so much easier to carry around. And trust our reviews! the speaker gives off really big and dynamic sounds and is super amazing! The size is the same as the iPhone 6, but of course it is lightweight and something many college students or music lovers would love! This speaker even comes with a chain. Just attach it to your backpack and it will never come off! Have fun with music.

SOUND QUALITIES OFF THE CHARTS AND SO DOPE!- While our competitors have such a hard time producing such clean bass sounds, our little Aud mini goes to work to show such an amazing sound quality! Big Sound Small Size. Its powerful speaker and passive radiator capable of delivering big, full-rang sound that will make everyone wanna get up and dance! The easiest part is that it also works for hands free phone calls.

THE AMAZING BLUETOOTH DAYS- These days bluetooth is the IT THING! Who doesn't use bluetooth. Along as being such an amazing speaker with great loud sound quality it is bluetooth! Easy to use and always pairs after the first pairing! You don't ever have re-pair them again. Bluetooth is super easy to use. GREAT!

THE AMAZING QUALITY OF THE SPEAKER- From the small speaker such an amazing bass and such great sound quality comes from something small. Small size but Big sound. For something as light and tiny it proves to show such amazing quality of this amazingly sophisticated speaker. Great quality, Great sound and Great design. Who wouldn't love it?!

DESIGN-  allows anyone to carry it around with ease and to just bring it on the go. Since it is so compact and it is the size of the iPhone 6 you can just slip it right into your pocket and just bring it with you, just make sure you don't confuse it fo

If you are interested in our bluetooth speakers for iphone, contact our factory for information now. We are one of the leading suppliers in China. Welcome to enjoy our comprehensive one-stop service as well as customized service.
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